Good people, helping good people in tough times

What we do


Get a break from your own mind by bringing your conscience into the moment. To beat the vicious cycle you must first break it. Let us show you how. 

“Inspiring you to take your next steps …”


A befriending plus service via outreach. Sit, chat with like-minded, experienced mentors who provide a non-judgmental service & real empathy. Its mutually beneficial as we share stories and if needed, we can discuss how we support you by signposting you on to other services.

We use words like hope, love, care and honesty; just saying we will be there is all some people need.


We believe for a person to heal mentally they must also reside in a supportive environment. In our Family Support service we work with all members of the family to support, educate and empower.

You all get the opportunity to talk in turn in a safe space so you can all be heard and also listen so you can work together to a central understanding.


If you need to contact us urgently don’t hesitate to call on 01925 595276 As our world becomes ever more stressful and demanding, speak to us if life just gets too much. Open, honest, free, understanding, confidential service that listens and supports your mental fitness alongside you. Out of Hours can be pre-arranged with our team once your a registered. Experienced Friend support where you may need help through other services in crisis, this must be agreed with the Services supporting you first.


Our Senior Mindful Peer Support Team are available to speak to your charity group regarding tips & tricks on how to obtain and sustain a good level of mental fitness. Using our model, you can seek assistance with everyday life and learn to give your mind a break for itself for as long as you need it. Message RISE today to check availability


Depression, fear, panic, anxiety along with irritability, euphoria and mania on the higher scale, these are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience at some point in our lives as part of your mental health diagnosis. Even if you have no diagnosis and you feel you need help, we can still offer our support.

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