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About Us

Our team was born out of research, need, necessity & understanding; we decided to utilise our decades of personal experience to just chat with others over a cuppa to see if talking and sharing experiences will help.

We also sought ideas, help, and advice across a multitude of fellow organisations and our potential clients. We built up nine-months of planning, research & study trials.


Which indicated people wanted a “lifeboat” between interventions from professionals when it just gets too much for them. This is where we come in, with empathy, hot drinks, biscuits, and a listening ear.

Legally, we are a charitable Community Interest Company. Aiming to support & improve the mental health of the community and when needed to support the community wellbeing.

We compliment all other services, charitable and statutory alike, as a Level 0 service provider as described in our local authorities Stepped Care Approach.

We talk, we listen, we offer a space where discussions can take place, we empower the client to make the sometimes, tough choices.

It is our experience, it must come from the person wanting to make the change; we talk and discuss tips & tricks that have helped us and may serve to give you hope, to help you through the tough times. We
support, we share, we laugh, we cry but most importantly we enable & empower.

Since its foundation in February 2018 as Myndful, RISE, now has actively responded to and prevented a multitude of clients from their darkest of times. Our volunteers and support teams have enabled hundreds of clients to take their recovery back into their own hands.


Our senior Mindful Peer Support Volunteers can support out of hours but this must be validated by any professional who will be involved; again just
acting as that experienced friend, side by side as you need us.

We also attend health forums & networks with our fellow organisations across the sector to keep our team up to speed what is happening across the borough. Our
services are also available on a referral basis with all other services across our town so we can jointly work with you on your recovery. We have received referrals from various groups and have a proven track record in supporting our client's needs.

We also offer a truly GDPR secure e-mail service for safe data transfer between ourselves, clients & referring partners.

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